How Much Does It Cost?

I perform the majority of my weddings ceremonies and sacramental rites in North Florida and all throughout the State of Florida wherever I am requested to travel in order to deliver high quality wedding ceremonies and sacramental rites.

My fees for services normally range from $250-$700 throughout all of Florida depending on a a variety of factors, including: travel distance to venue, number of people attending your wedding, involvement of a coordinator, need/desire for a rehearsal, etc. (Note: extra travel charges may exist depending on where you ceremony will be held).

My services include:

  • Regular communication with the couple via in person meetings, Skype, email, phone, etc.
  • Providing a wide variety of resources to help generate ideas for the ceremony
  • The creation of a meaningful and memorable ceremony that reflects the couples personalities and expresses their love for each other.
  • Conducting the rehearsal (if needed)
  • Performing the ceremony
  • Completing the marriage license and filing it with the county clerks office

*A typical local Florida wedding ranges between $250 – $700, which is competitive within our local wedding markets, depending the number of attendees and  whether I need to be present at your rehearsal or not.

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